Working Visa (General)

HTML5 Icon Working visa are mainly ① Engineer・Humanities/International Services ②Skill labor ③Intra-company Transferee ④Investor/Busines ⑤Skill Training such as there are 23 types in total employment as possible residence status.

However to say that there are 23 types, you have almost becomes most cases it is to get to choose how from the status of residence listed under.

Engineer・Specialist in Humanities/International Services

HTML5 Icon This residence status is given if you get belong to science and technology in Japanese companies, and business requires knowledge or interpretation and trade relationship liberal arts knowledge and experience necessary business, such as business, such as a programmer.

Not only university graduates, but also granted when the passed vocational school and have practical experience. Other there is a fine condition, so you will need to clear them.

Also you will be asked description of the certification and the continuity of that side of the companies that hire the other is real. It is like would soon collapse, it is to think that foreigners were accepted could also be a thing to become Japan's burden.

And what to do explain the relevance of professional and activities to be performed in Japan in the person of university or vocational school, etc., and the point is what explained why the company requires a person.

Required documents:Please visit the Immigration website


 Specialist in Humanities/International Services

Investor/Business Visa

HTML5 Icon Status of residence of the "Investor/Busines Visa" is given to the foreigners who involved in the management of the company. This is provided such as liberalization of the international economy, originally accept the foreign capital, would like to have business activities in Japan. But It is not limited to foreign capital from April 27, and that it referred to the wish to ensure the talent, and was rid the wording of the investment.

That said, also taking into account also the influence of the people who live in Japan. For example, it is such that you are with the original conditions of employment more than two people to live in Japan. Since the easy business is troubled become useless, it will also be checked for that side.

Also, it is a condition that you are about activities that run a company such as president and director.

If, which will established a company in yourself, you must be given to the practice of more than three years management. It is not known emergency and if their companies, to take a job in management and administration, as proof that there is a skill and work experience. So that in addition to there are things that should be fine conditions and clear as well, you need to establish a company to think the side enough. First it must be established to meet on the basis of the company.

The point is, there is a good experience to the firm, so we well know about what in particular immigration to review with an emphasis on what per, while consultation you and well as a manager in Japan we can help the establishment of a company to be able to exert.

In addition, of course our firm use a digital certificate, customers can save stamp fee ¥40,000 at the time of the company's articles of incorporation authentication.

Please consult who are working or studying in Japan, also, who wanted to call foreigner to your firm or corporate activities in Japan.

Application conditions, Required documents

 Please visit the Immigration website 

Change jobs

HTML5 Icon Jobs also must consider whether or not it is within the scope of their residence status. If you want to change jobs to a different job when it allowed it is a caution.

For example, in the case of "Engineer・Specialist in Humanities/International Services", even if you change jobs in the humanities work from the work of the technology system, because is that it is the category of the same status of residence, it does not mean that the qualification outside activities , and if it is no longer the work to utilize the skills and knowledge of the person, it is expected that it will not be updated period allowed.

The work was allowed, only the technology, if you take advantage of the knowledge, extreme story, you can have deemed necessary in Japan, it will be to the fact if to different work that Welcome back. Please be fully careful.

With period updated from when not permitted, it is late. Please consult.

Skilled Labor Visa

HTML5 Icon Activities corresponding to this status residence are Animal torture, Maneuvering of aircraft, Wine appraisal, But the most familiar is probably cook such as Chinese restaurant or French restaurant.

This is that it takes a special skill as it was originated in a foreign country, is the status of residence was created and because they need foreign forces. However, still shops of form, scale, salary will be checked many respects to such as equal to or Japanese. Please leave it to our office and to clear it.

Technical intern training

HTML5 Icon Training (skills training) : The old days came a lot of foreigners in the form of trainees, because training is what it is that'll let you take advantage at home and ask only to learn technology, and that it is not in the workers, we rise to various problems. Without the need to guarantee the rights of workers to foreigners, we like good companies that use them have been pointed out from the international community.

Japan also that it in should not, has created a status of residence of skills training.

In this skill training, there are various supervision organizations such as the type becomes the institution accepted union and general corporate type. All companies have accepted the apprentice through the management organization, and It also possible to accept independent companies.

However, those who passed through the organizations have generally also, it is up to you think that they will not have been well-known. Please consult.

Highly skilled professional Visa

HTML5 Icon Advanced profession: In Japan of academic research and economic foreign resident status given to that seems to give a good influence on the development , and so far things that were in the specific activities that the Minister of Justice, It is the independent in the previous amendment.

Briefly, education in Japan, research, company management, technical personnel, accounting office, news, arts, medical etc. Anything is good, but the degree to foreigners that these activities, work experience, annual income, and wearing age, the score in such research performance, by giving this residence status to more than a certain number of foreigners, period of stay it is a system to improve the treatment of the immigration Control Act. In this way, So I believe that as human resources remains in Japan. In this way, So I believe that as human resources remains in Japan.

In companies, if you think that the attempt to obtain a widely human resources from abroad, please contact us.