Permanent Resident

HTML5 Icon Residence status of "permanent residents" there is no limit to activity, since there is no limitation on the period of stay, by foreigners it may be said that the final permit. It also is being carefully review in immigration, but it seems to have become easy relatively compared to the previous decade.

In now is that various attached conditions, various checks from so many perspectives. This also actually there are many I do not know the part unless one that has been doing business. Some limit to the direction of the conditions granted, there is also special to relax at certain things.

Please consult those who are thinking. This is also such an application in the unlikely event became disallowed, to nor does it no longer should have to return home as the extension of period of stay of non-permitted, it is not intended to be a disadvantage for the applicant. So, if you are possible you should apply. Of course, if there is a consultation, we will scrutinize in our office about whether or not the applicant is appropriate.

Application conditions, Required documents

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Naturalization (Japanese Nationality)

HTML5 Icon The conditions of naturalization
①There is an address in Japan continued for more than five years.
②Behavior is good.
③It is possible to engage in the living.
By are staying continue for more than five years in Japan, it is not included of course illegal stay. Also, stay in the status of residence, such as a short-term stay is not included in this five years. It is that sense there and that there is a address.

Although behavior is how to prove the goodness, of course things are criminal acts, because there are times when traffic violation is also a problem, before naturalization would be better to take care also to traffic violations. Naturalization is to become a Japanese If nothing else, also a corresponding examination as Japan will be investigation. However, I also had been touch with naturalization in charge of the Legal Affairs Bureau, and it is basically the same investigation techniques to Ministry of Justice and Immigration and no different emphasis of the investigation.

If you think the naturalization, please consult to our office.