Long-Term Resident

This is a free status of residence, which is provided as to be able to recognize the stay of foreigners by the Minister of Justice to notice. Because any other status is a matter of law, it can not be provided not to the revision of the Immigration Control Act. For the establishment of the law, you can explain to the opposition, you can obtain the cooperation, what and you should not and do not established in the Diet to say. On the basis of the reason that this does not able to respond quickly to the world of motion (to be able to demonstrate the power of government), this framework the Japanese III and II-III of the family provided the status of residence "Long-Term Resident" and it was put in.

After that, or accept the Myanmar refugees, and has been such admit foreigners that can not be captured in the framework of the status of residence such as ever grow the Japanese children as "Long-Term Resident". Give then "Long-Term Resident" when there is no corresponding status of residence, though acknowledge the need in Japan from a variety of circumstances.

Designated Activities

This is also a resident status that the Minister of Justice has been freely made to be accepted foreigners. That the settlers is needed in Japan, while it is resident status be granted by focusing on a place called settled," specific activity "will have an emphasis on the activities.

In addition, those companies that want to accept by using the internship program for college students, please contact us. In this case, too, it will be with this status of residence. To working holiday it is also the status of residence, if you think that there is a need for the Minister of Justice admit this residence, is often give this status of residence.

Short stay・Cultural Activities

Academic that provide no income, it is resident status given to foreigners who carried out or perform specialized studies on such artistic activities and culture, activities that receive guidance. As part of such foreign college students academic, such as the activities of the internship, such as carrying out training in the Japanese companies will fall. If there is a plan that leads to a foreigner for the purpose of cultural activities in universities and companies, please contact us.

In visa status when short-term stay to be coming to tourism and relatives visit, many of the country because you have a valid visa exemption agreements with Japan, the people of such countries can be landed without a visa to Japan. However, in the case of countries where visa is not exempt, it must be taken for a visa at the Japanese Embassy. In order to take this, you will need to submit the materials get to know the reason and Japan living expenses, however you don't have illegal employment purpose and the like.

Permission to Engage in Other Activity・Re-Entry Permit

Such as people that stay as an international student and dependent visa, if they have not to take a qualification outside activities allowed in order to part-time job in Japan, in some cases it will become to be deported from Japan. So, those who intend to part-time job, must need permission from the Immigration Bureau in application properly.

Allow the re-entry, but is allowed to take if you are temporarily out from Japan, and that the "deemed re-entry" in the recent Immigration Control Act amendment, if the applicant leaving the country by re-entry at the airport, also now can coming back in Japan. Course, this privilege is observed is a medium- to long-term residents who, because even in the period, etc. You may not care, please contact us if you do not know well.

(However, because supposed to not come back to Japan is dreadful, we can not reply to the consultation by telephone with respect to re-entry) These are both conditions, would not be particularly difficult to obtain a permit if there is no problem with the application contents.

However, you do not know well because it is application in Japanese, there is no time of the permit application, etc., people who are suffering and do not know whether it will permit, please contact us.

Rejection of Aplication & Re-apply

To bring to allow apply for the one that has become disallowed again. This is a fairly difficult. So, you should leave it from the beginning to this firm. Or company bankruptcy or divorce, of their company management is unsatisfactory, other, anyway who environment surrounding their own has changed until it is careful. Anxiety is of course if you are even a little, please contact us the direction of foreigners in our office.

I think that if not can not possibly judge may whether the if a well-known not office foreign government. First, evidence that can be explained in chitin immigration so as not to be disallowed, is to apply for collecting documentary evidence. If the firm is useless even if the correspondence, it is already impossible. At that time, consider whether you can apply for another visa. In the case of the firm, if there is a risk of non-authorized, and the first application on which was then considered what to do. We need to think well ahead so as not to helpless. In that sense, for if the firm is in that it that has become also not allowed aboard the consultation, also I think that can be made sufficient to re-apply in the same residence status.

In addition, because such Eligibility certification application is something good even if many times, the person who wants to win a permit, is to ask to the firm office from the beginning.