About Overstay

People of Overstay, who have been smuggling, is called illegal aliens are collectively referred to, such as those who entered the country with fake passports. These everybody is now have become illegal if there is a respective circumstances. These people are, for example, hurt people, stolen, using illegal drugs, rather than not was that the so-called no one worse in view of, a lot of people for purposes such as to feed the home country of the family, Japan and a is the good people who came to the migrant to. However, the more that people work If you work hard in Japan, from reasons such as adverse effects on the Japanese labor market, by defining the act as a crime, it's cracking down. Everyone of illegal stay, for many years, so as not to sight, and on the run escape from the network of police and immigration Will has been living in Japan. These people is not a never scary people. It is not a criminal in the true sense. 

But, once caught by the police and, if it also be subject to criminal proceedings, even with a suspended sentence in court, landing denial period to Japan will become 10 years. So as not such a thing, whether his is in what position, and it must be either properly analyze consider is staying in Japan.

Especially people married people of Japanese or permanent resident or who are thinking of marriage, we should think firmly that in the future as early as one day. And than from caught by the police and immigration, to obtain a permit of stay in Japan will result in quite difficult. I do we have seen a variety of cases, it is ruling the deportation, also aware many cases that caused the trial. Even if the court family became get separated, if Haitai five years also come to Japan. And 5-year position of the period, dad has been working in a foreign country, is that there is anywhere in the domestic Japan also cases of families that do not meet in the meantime father and husband, Minister of Justice of the decision will not say until the illegal and judgment me to have. In this way, once, and from determined to leave, to subvert it is not an exaggeration to say almost impossible.

Although "as much as possible can I let" is woven many teacher to say, such as, I can proceed with the proceedings as is observed special residence permit in the first, and, for the impossible case, once to leave the country it is recommended that you procedure to be coming soon to Japan. Those who he thought to it growl whether anxiety, please consult please in our office. In the form that you will do this it will precisely meet your insecurity. I between the '40 position, Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau and engaged deportation procedures in Osaka Immigration Bureau, litigation in Nagoya Immigration Bureau, in the development of the basic plan of the amendment and the Immigration Control of Immigration Control Act at the Immigration Bureau of KasumigasekiIt has been involved. So I know anything well. Of course I retired immigration in 2014 then you are retired, there is a duty of confidentiality. And, because it is you our allies are struggling above all in Japan, to consider the best way together.